Who We Are

Our Foundation
Give-A-Ball Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that focuses on youth and child development through the promotion of sports, primarily soccer. Give-A-Ball advocates physical activities through the distribution of team-oriented sports balls to youth primarily ages 5-16 in communities around the world. While distributing balls, the organization emphasizes the importance of its core values, which are: Health, Fitness, Education, Teamwork, and Character. The Give-A-Ball Values are vital as they empower children to reach their potential in sports, and in life. The foundation reaches children through our projects and community outreach programs such as the Give-A-Ball Journey Program, the Give-A-Ball Tournament, and the Give-A-Ball Gear and Equipment drives. To date, Give-A-Ball has given away 500 brand new soccer balls and has donated over eleven hundred pieces of athletic gear and equipment in Nigeria, Haiti, and Ghana....
  • HEALTH – all youth should be conscious of the value of their bodies and the factors impacting their health
  • FITNESS – all youth should exercise and participate in physical activity to stay in-shape which is essential for healthy childhood development
  • EDUCATION – lays the necessary groundwork for youth to learn how to use critical thinking skills that will further prepare him or her for adulthood
  • TEAMWORK – allows youth to work with other individuals to reach a common goal which enables them to build interpersonal skills
  • CHARACTER – this gives youth the values and foundation to unlock their leadership potential in life

We Are About Empowering Youth Through Sports


To provide youth and children an opportunity to play, and participate in soccer, primarily through the distribution of balls in addition to soccer gear and equipment.


To empower youth and children across the world through emphasizing the Give-A-Ball Values while they participate in soccer.

How It All Began

The Give-A-Ball dream began in late 2009 as Founder Tosin Fawibe rekindled his love and passion for soccer. Preparing for a family trip to Nigeria and thinking of items to give his young family members, Tosin envisioned the idea to gift them and their friends with a brand-new soccer ball. The gesture was not only intended to give them a quality tool to play soccer, but also as a way of using the sport as medium for them to learn and reinforce life fundamentals to help them develop in life as Tosin himself developed tremendously through playing various sports while growing up. As he discussed the idea with his friend Tobi Abereoje and brother Mayowa Fawibe who were also going to Nigeria, they joined in the initial ball distribution efforts. Collectively, they gave away 25 balls to youth in Nigeria and Ghana, and discussed various fundamentals vital to youth development in Project Give-A-Ball. As Tosin, Tobi and Mayowa saw the impact of the balls they gave away to kids during their trip, they decided to make the good gesture an organization to continue the act of distributing soccer balls. Months later in April 2010, Tosin and team incorporated Give-A-Ball Foundation, Inc. in the State of New York to ensure that the dream to Give-A-Ball stays alive to continually empower kids not only in Nigeria, but in under-served areas around the world. Currently, the foundation is a grassroots organization based in Brooklyn, New York.

How it works

Give-A-Ball Foundation distributes balls to young individuals in low-income and underprivileged areas while using soccer as medium to instill certain values that correlate with our Give-A-Ball Core Values. The organization fundraises to purchase and solicit brand-new soccer balls for its target audience to impact them through one of the distribution channels which are: Projects, Programs, Campaigns, and Community Outreach initiatives. The organization travels to host events not only to “Give-A-Ball” but to enable recipients to participate in soccer while the foundation emphasizes their message of the Give-A-Ball Core Values, which are instrumental in achieving success in sports, and in life. After a session of learning basic soccer skills and playing in live scrimmage game, the organization then “Give-A-Ball” to each event participant during their Distribution Ceremony.

    Our History

    December 2009, Give-A-Ball Begins

    Founder Tosin Fawibe, and Co-founders Tobi Abereoje and Mayowa Fawibe begin initial distribution efforts in Nigeria and Ghana with 25 soccer balls in Project Give-A-Ball

    April 2010

    Give-A-Ball Foundation, Inc. is incorporated

    May 2012

    Give-A-Ball Foundation carried out the Nigeria Soccer Project in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    June 2012

    Featured in New York Parenting Magazines, Brooklyn Family and Queens Family, Give-A-Ball carries out first Soccer Gear and Equipment Drive.

    January 2013

    Give-A-Ball Foundation carries out the Nigeria Soccer Project empower 200 children in Ibadan, Nigeria. Organization also launches first Give-A-Ball Tournament between four schools in Ibadan, Nigeria.

    February 2013

    First Kicking In The New Fundraiser.

    July 2013

    Give-A-Ball expands organization to Haiti, partnering with J/P Haitian Relief Organization (J/P HRO) to empower 150 children living in Port-Au-Prince. Organization also donates 25 balls between a local middle school and orphanage.