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Project Give-A-Ball

Project Give-A-Ball was our initial ball distribution efforts. During this trip to Nigeria and Ghana, we distributed 25 balls to youth within the Founding Team’s family and children in local neighborhoods. Most balls we distributed to individuals were “at-random” and some participated in soccer drills and pickup games....
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NYC Gear and Equipment Drive

NYC Gear and Equipment Drive The organization initiated collecting gear and equipment to provide items for the youth, institutions, and communities we serve. The proceeds of the gear and equipment drive will go to the Institute Mixte Suze Valme Couer in Leogane, Haiti as we partner with Fernande Valme Ministries, a Brooklyn based organization dedicated to serving Haitians. Please reach out to us to donate new and lightly used soccer gear and equipment. Below is a list of preferable items. Please reach out to us at or call 1.888.607.0043 ext. 2. Balls: New or Lightly used; preferable Nike, Adidas, Pumpa or any quality brand Light Equipment: shoes (indoor, outdoor, or running shoes), soccer cleats, jerseys, shorts, socks, shin guards,...
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